Laurino, Cilento’s pearl

Located on a hill, the village of Laurino offers spectacular views that you’ll love at first sight.

Founded way back in 238 BC, it has seen the passing of many civilizations which have left clear evidences in the territory; the medieval bridges, churches and the monastery of St. Anthony from Padua in particular, make Laurino a unique and unforgettable place.

AllegroItalia, the funny and innovative hotel chain, couldn’t resist to the unique charm of this village and so it decided to restore the monastery.

Doing this, AllegroItalia has given a clear signal of interest in making Laurino a magical place where history and tradition meet a new kind of young and entertaining hospitality.

We’re not going to tell you in detail the history of the convent because an unforgettable experience can not be described, it must be lived!

Ancient walls, rooms full of history and a feeling of becoming part of the convent life will give you unforgettable memories that you won’t be able to transmit to your friends because AllegroItalia Convento Cilento has to be lived to enter in your hearts.

The mill with its beautiful frescoed walls, brand new audio and video system, room for 150 delegates, uniquely intimate atmosphere and amazing acoustics, is just the perfect location for groups of people.

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