The Monastery cloister

The beautiful ancient Laurino cloister makes you feel unique sensations, you will have the feeling of being catapulted into another time where everything, even the sounds, are more intense.

The chapel is a small artwork, its wooden ceiling and the beautiful altar will amaze you and they’ll make you eager to learn more about the history of the convent.

However, it’s now time to speak about the 12 rooms dedicated to our guests.

Ancient walls, rooms full of history and a feeling of becoming part of the convent life will give you unforgettable memories that you won’t be able to transmit to your friends because AllegroItalia Convento Cilento has to be lived to enter in your hearts.

Low Season fees:

Single room – 40€
Double room – 70€
Triple room – 100€

High season fees:

Single room – 65€
Double room – 105€
Triple room – 135€

The Monastery